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Partners in life and business, Keith and Helen Warren, aka
"The Butterfly People", started their butterfly collectables
venture back in 1978, under the name "Captured Beauty".


As their business evolved and included other insects such as tropical beetles, phasmids and bugs, it was time for a more encompassing name change. In 1994 Wildwood Insect Farming and Trading emerged; for by this time many of the specimens used were obtained through sustainable forest management projects in butterfly farming.


As suitable deep shadowbox mounts were not readily available through framing suppliers, we set up a fully equipped woodshop to produce our own custom profiles in red oak, white ash, and cherry hardwoods. We prepare and mount all specimens.


We are registered importers with Canada Customs and Revenue Service for dried insect specimens and abide by all regulations and requirements of the Canadian Wildlife Service in respect to protected fauna that are listed on the Appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).Our reliable suppliers network developed for more than 30 years, combines our knowledge of insect taxonomy along with price and quality relationships of insect trade. We provide collector quality specimens of some of the most desirable insect species found in nature at very affordable prices.


Over the years we have done custom work and commissions for Imax Corporation, Guiness Museum, Science North, Stones `N Bones Museum and the Ontario Science Centre.

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This website is dedicated to the memory of
Vickson Kotaseao of the Watut People
of Papua New Guinea

Cheers from Bali, Indonesia.

This striking
Rhinoceros Beetle

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