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Wildwood Insects framed Morpho butterfly in black frame.

We bring the spectacular Morpho from the
tropical rainforests of South America
into your own home.

Appreciate Nature's Grandeur


Bring their beauty into your home

The spectacular diversity and beauty of insects has captivated people through countless ages. At Wildwood Insect Farming & Trading, our framed insects offer glimpses into their fascinating world.



Preserve these insects and their habitat

The quality of our specimens reflects our commitment to supporting insect farming projects worldwide. Working with nature through resource management, rather than exploiting it, is a key tenet at Wildwood Insect Farming & Trading.



Purchase quality with attention to detail

Only richly-grained solid hardwoods are used in frame construction to extend the natural theme. Descriptive information is provided on the back of each setting. Meticulous attention is given in the preparation and mounting of each specimen to maintain its pristine condition.


Keith and Helen Warren
Founders and Owners
Wildwood Insect Farming and Trading

Now offering insects in elegant black frames

Our high quality shadow-box style picture framing is designed to provide an attractive appearance at an affordable price. We use only high grade (F.A.S.)  kiln-dried red oak in frame construction. This is the highest standard, a grade used in making fine furniture. *We can frame the smallest and most delicate butterflies to the enormous Goliath beetles as there are over six different depths of frames available to enhance the subject species graciously.

Wildwood Insects framed Green Leaf Katydid in black frame.




You Can Collect Natural Beauty!


The amazingly striking Atlas moth of southeast Asia

This is the largest moth in the world. Females often have a wingspan of 12 inches. After spending about a month in their cocoons, Atlas Moths emerge as the beautiful creatures seen in this photo.

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